About us

What is Brama ?

BRAMA is an artistic platform, a place where artists as musicians and singers cooperate, produce and use their imagination.

A Mediterranean background and an interesting musical variety: this is what makes BRAMA so unique. From Corsica to Liguria, from Greece to Tuscany, from Gascony to Sardinia, BRAMA links artists, builds bridges and new connections.

Record productions, performances, events, masterclasses meetings and much more are the result of this musical richness.

BRAMA also owns a recording studio (“Arcipelagu à Bastia”), which collaborates with other studios involving the essential work of arrangers, sound technicians, sound and graphic designers, video makers etc.

So it’s possible for you to ask for our cooperation for album productions, consultation, recordings, arrangements and much more, as we always hold our artists in high regard and pay attention to all their ideas.

Though the Mediterranean Sea might be our cradle, we’re most importantly world citizens: open-minded, curious and always looking for new concepts and challenges. That’s why our productions have no boundaries.

Our keywords: talent and creative freedom. That’s what we guarantee with our job, by going beyond cultural differences, styles and categories. BRAMA discloses the artistic and truly human self everyone has.

The Team

Stephane Casalta

Director/Artistic Director

Producer, songwritter, singer and musician

Rosela Libertad

Artistic Director 

Artistic co-director, songwritter, singer and musician